An accidental date.

I tend to find myself on dates without realizing that I’m actually on one. Sounds bizarre but it seriously happens to me.. not often because I don’t meet guys all that often, but when I DO meet a guy to hang out with, I think we’re just going to grab a bite or a drink… nothing serious. For some reason I never think about it much more than that. And then it gets referred to as a date. Case in point, last night with fun accent guy from speed dating.

If you recall, I thought fun accent guy was… well, obviously fun. And I love accents. But I kind of thought he wasn’t my type and not someone I wanted to date.. so when he suggested we “get together” for drinks (and he never referred to it as a date, in fact he almost made a conscious effort not to refer it as such), I said sure. I figured I’d go into it with an open mind, but completely under the impression that we were just meeting up, and that’s that.

Yeah I was wrong. While we were out he referred to it as a date quite a few times.. and I guess if it WAS a date, as far as dates go… it wasn’t bad. I definitely had fun and he’s an interesting guy, and we share a few things in common. I mean, I don’t know… I assume that’s what a good date should be like, I haven’t been on that many dates. I tend to do the “start out as friends… oh we’re dating now” route.

Either way, by the end of last night I was pretty convinced that I don’t see myself dating this guy. Not that it’s anything to do with him, he’s a great guy… but just not my type, as I had previously thought. And I would totally say “maybe we could be friends” but I’m tired of the trend where I end up dating someone I’m not completely into, which is what usually happens. The next guy I date (minus accidental dates, of course), I want to be crazy about. Crazy in a good way, of course.

I’m just hoping I don’t end up being the perpetually single, crazy cat lady. :p

Kind of being a quitter. Not really.

pink flowers (This picture has nothing to do with anything, I just love taking pictures of flowers… and then having you tell me how I’m such a great photographer. :))

I really wanted to blog about job related stuff that happened yesterday but… I’m superstitious. Well, I don’t know if this is a superstition but essentially, I get nervous when it comes to talking about certain things because I’m worried they won’t end up happening after all. It’s happened before and it sucks. So, until I sign a contract, mum’s the word. That said, I’m really happy and hoping it all goes according to plan. I should find out in 2 weeks (ack!) or so. Oh and I didn’t quit, this is unrelated to the title of this blog post!

Meanwhile, I DID decide to quit Bridge to 10K. As I said before, I don’t think the run-walk intervals combination was walking for me anymore… once I start walking, I find it hard to start running again. So for now I’m going to set time goals (unless you all think I should set distance goals instead?) and increase the times each week. Yesterday I wanted to run 40 minutes without stopping but my iPhone kept losing GPS signal/an app was giving me a hard time (have I mentioned how much I want a Garmin lately??) so I had to stop twice to fix it. But I ended up running a total of 45 minutes (3.55 miles), so I figure that’s a start. Oh and if you’re wondering… the run went better than the last one, but it wasn’t great at first. At the beginning I was feeling frustrated and started thinking how much I suck at this but then I started thinking “hey, at least I’m doing it!” And eventually it got easier and the time flew by. Anyway, I’m thinking I’ll finish out the week with 45 minute runs and then next week increase it to 50 minutes. I’m not anywhere near the speed or distance I want to be at but I guess it takes time. That said, I feel like I’m getting slower every day!

In related news, it looks like I won’t be doing that 5k after all (see, I’m apparently a quitter). I’ve been asked to work that day and it’s a good opportunity for me, plus I could really use the money (Garmin money!) so I think I’m going to go ahead and back out of the 5k. I’m bummed because I was really excited about it, but there will be other 5ks. Unfortunately they won’t give me a refund so if anyone wants to take my place, maybe we can try to sign my info over to you? Let me know if you’re interested!

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday: Sweet indulgences edition.

Here’s another “things that make me happy” post, also known as: things that I don’t need but totally bought. And may have devoured. Okay not everything in this post is edible…

magnum I kept hearing about how delicious this ice cream is, I couldn’t resist trying some. Mmmm…

fingers Oh hello deliciousness. I have a weakness for British chocolates, and these are one of my favorites. When I found them at Walgreens, I couldn’t resist.

fingers close up If you’ve never heard of them, basically they are chocolate biscuits that taste like heaven. Seriously.

tres leches The biggest piece of tres leches in the world. Aka dessert from dinner last night for my friend’s birthday. And no, I didn’t eat the whole thing. Nor did I try. (I was already full from all that chocolate!)

laugh notes Not food but they make me smile… Plus they were pretty pricey (the book was $8, which, sadly, I consider pricey this far away from payday) and therefore, kind of an indulgence.

morning people See? Pretty sweet… 🙂

One day I’ll be a runner…

One day I’d like to be a runner. I’ll strap on my Garmin, do an “easy” 3 mile run, and come back and rave about how awesome my 8 minute miles were.*

Sigh. I wish. As it is, yesterday’s run made me realize how much I am NOT a runner. I can’t even do Bridge to 10K properly. Yesterday’s run marked 2 days in this program that I wasn’t able to properly complete… for some reason day 3 of each week has been a killer. I don’t understand, I did Couch to 5K without any problems, I’m able to run 35 minutes plus without stopping, but the last running interval of B210K (after only 30 minute of running) is beating me down.

I kind of think part of my problem is the walking intervals. I’m getting pretty good about talking myself into running farther, even when that means 13 minutes of “okay run until that bridge… okay now run until that tree, no not the little tree, the big tree… okay now run until that corner…” But once I stop running, even for that 1 minute interval, it’s hard to start up again. And yesterday I was struggling so much that I kept walking for longer than the minute, which made it THAT much harder to start running again.

Then again, a lot of it was me just struggling yesterday in general. I felt parched 10 minutes into it, even though I was pretty well hydrated before the run. I felt like I couldn’t breathe properly, that I was constantly gasping for breath, even though at times I forced myself to run so slow it felt like I could’ve walked faster. Plus, and I don’t know if this is a bit TMI, but I had horrible acid reflux the whole time. I think that’s what it was anyway. (PS, does anyone else ever suffer from this while running?) It felt like a huge effort to keep running with all that going on. I felt like I wasn’t meant for this, that I suck at running, that I’m never going to be good at it so why do I bother?

I’m gonna keep chugging along though. Maybe I’ll get better, maybe I’m just not meant to run more than 3 miles, maybe I’ll find that runner’s high and fall in love with running. Either way, I’m stubborn enough to not quit just yet. Right now I’m trying to focus on ways to keep me motivated: dreaming about buying my Garmin, running that upcoming 5K, and anything else that keeps me lacing up those sneakers, day after day (minus rest days, of course). Perhaps this shirt, which totally suits me, is necessary:


Someone pass me a spoon?

*I hope no one takes offense to this sentence. I’m not being snarky at all. I’m really just completely jealous of those of you who fit this description. Promise.

Running update…

First of all, I finally got my official time from my first 5K the other day: I came in 82nd place, out of 214 runners, in 34 minutes, 29 seconds. To which I say, meh. I mean, great that I made my goal time (I wanted under 35 minutes) but I’ve run 3.11 miles in 34 minutes flat before. I should’ve run a bit faster.

Runner-2They sent me this pic, which is the only non-blurry pic of me running. Not the most flattering tho. I think it might be time for a new sports bra?

I guess I have an opportunity to beat my time though, as yesterday I finally signed up for this:

hfrJune 4th, which is only 3 weeks away. Whoa.

I kind of felt the need to register for a 5K because I’ve been feeling really unmotivated lately. I’m still working on Bridge to 10K but today is only week 2 day 3… last week I only ran 2 days. I used to run 4 times a week! I think it’s a combination of it getting really hot (and it’s only going to get worse, I know) and my being so drained from the craziness that is the last few weeks of school. I’ve been thinking of getting a handheld water bottle to start taking on my runs… think that’s okay? Any recommendations?

Meanwhile, I’m about to cave and buy my Garmin, I’m getting so annoyed with running with my iPhone. I’m having to literally force myself to not buy it, as I know I’ll be getting an amazon gift card within the next 2 weeks and that can go towards my purchase. It’s just that lately my apps on my iPhone aren’t recording my distance/pace correctly… and this is information I’d like to KNOW. The other day on my run I thought I was flying cuz according to my phone, I was running 8 minute miles… which I NEVER do. I get home and realize that both my apps lied to me and I have no idea what distance I’ve been running at… one said 3.3 miles (including warmup and cooldown, I KNOW I did more than that) and the other said 5 miles (I WISH I could run 5 miles in 45 minutes). Sigh.

One day you will be mine, my pretty, one day… Maybe… I’m still debating between the 610 and the 310… Hmmm.

I will say that the great news is that I am finally running without pain, again. My ankle is finally better, my knee woes are gone (although sometimes I think my IT bands around my knees feel a bit tight, but that usually passes) and I’m feeling pretty good when I run lately. I did have to purchase some Body Glide over the weekend cuz I was starting to experience some um.. chafing. Yes, my thighs are trying to tell me I need to quit eating all the yummy foods that I’ve been overindulging in lately – ice cream, brownies, cookies, etc. The day after work is over I’m going to work on eating healthy again.. I’d say I’d start now but the end of the school year = lots of treats that I just can’t say no to.

And finally, I leave you with this shirt that I found yesterday, thanks to a link from The Hungry Runner Girl (love her!):

your pace or mine Cracks me up every time I see it!

If I’m wrong for wanting that shirt, I don’t want to be right. 🙂


Flowers and card

This week my work celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week (yes, a week later than everyone else). I couldn’t resist taking my camera (with my macro lens, of course) and snapping a few shots.. especially since flowers are my favorite thing to shoot.

bright flowers

I’ll be the first to say that it’s not about the presents. In fact, in the 2 schools I used to teach at before this one, Teacher Appreciation Week wasn’t something parents even knew about. Actually, even the schools wouldn’t really do much for the teachers.

flower card 1

And if you’re going into teaching for the presents, I’ll say.. you’re going in it for the wrong reasons. Teaching isn’t about that. In fact, teaching is about so much MORE. Watching the kids as they read their first full book, as their write their first sentence. Helping the kids when they struggle with something and sharing in their joy when they finally master it. Creating a strong foundation for them, so that not only do they LOVE going to school… they excel at it.

flower card 2

While I appreciated everything I received, I have to admit that what I loved best were the hugs. The big pile everyone in/knock the teacher over 15 students deep hugs. The “you’re the best teacher ever!” comments. All the little cards my students made me on their own, without being prompted. The parents asking if I plan on moving up to first grade so that they can keep me as their teacher. That’s why I do this job. That’s how I feel appreciated.


But pretty pink flowers are definitely always welcome. 🙂

Speed dating update…

So when we last left the speed dating story, I had just gotten done telling you what an experience it had been. That’s the word people use when they’re not thrilled with something and yet they’re trying to be politically correct/polite… it was an “experience”.

Anyway, the day after the speed dating event (last Thursday), I got an email saying that I was able to go online and enter/check my matches for the event. Basically, all the guys are listed there and as soon as you select one, you can instantly see if they have selected you back. If you’ve both selected each other, your full name and email address is revealed. Magic.

yes no

So of course, I refused to go online. I didn’t want to be that super needy person who instantly logged on to enter her picks and obsessively check her matches. I decided I would wait until Saturday morning, as the deadline was Tuesday.

I lasted until Friday night. Oops. Anyway, I decided on 4 guys I wanted to match up with:

  • Super cute guy.
  • Slightly cute, not sure if we really connected guy.
  • Fun accent guy*.
  • Similar profession guy*.

*The last 2 guys I didn’t consider people that I wanted to date, they are just guys that I’d like to hang out with as friends.

Anyway, Friday night I entered my picks.. and got three matches. Unfortunately super cute guy did not pick me back and has yet to do so, but my 2 potential new friends did… and so did slightly cute guy. Interesting. The next day I got emails from slightly cute guy and similar profession guy (who seems to be more interested in dating me than I am in dating him).. and I’m so very meh about them. I emailed them back Sunday before my run… and got emails back before my run was even over. Um, and I totally just realized that I have yet to reply back to them. Oops.

So I think that’s the end of that chapter. While I’m definitely bummed that super cute guy (did I mention he was a DOCTOR too?!) never picked me back, I guess it was good that I went and did something out of my comfort zone.. and met some cool people while I was at it. I don’t know if I would do it again… I’m still hoping Mr. Right will basically just trip into me or something and maybe that’s my problem. Even though I’ve been single for quite a while, I’m not willing to put myself out there that much. I mean, I don’t think it’s a PROBLEM… I’m content with how things are right now. I would like a guy to come into my life some time but I think I just believe it’ll happen when it’s meant to be.

I hope so anyway.

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday: Things that make me smile edition.

stickerLife is good sticker. Cuz it is.

mayflower1 Flowers in (almost) full bloom… and my macro lens always = love.

white More flowers.

purpleGet the point yet?

shoes Rediscovering old shoes. Although these ones give me blisters, I think they’re so purty.

cat And my cat, Bay.. of course.

cat2What’s making you smile today?

It’s all about perspective.

I’m learning that life can be so different, if you look at things a different way. Trying to be more zen, if you will. I’m not zen. I let everything bother me. Seriously, everything. I can hold a grudge for ages, I can grumble about something minor for hours, if not days. Definitely not zen. You know who IS zen? My bestie, mother of the cutest baby in the world:

 Granted, how can you not be zen with a baby as cute as this?

I take my zen tips from her… and tend to fail. But lately I’ve been working extra hard.

Take yesterday, for example. I was driving home from work and my car starting acting funky (shuddering when I tried to accelerate, and generally refusing to GO!). I ended up driving across town to my friend’s place (she of the cutest baby), because her fiance is a mechanic and a) he could help make sure I don’t end up paying an arm and a leg and b) I trust him.

Instead of being upset that my car is in the shop and whining about what a hassle its going to be, I’ve been looking on the brighter side. Not only did my car not die on me when I was driving on the freeway, but it also managed to make it all the way across town to my friend’s place. Plus I’m stuck missing work but since it happened yesterday afternoon, I got to call in already, emailed my sub plans and therefore, got to sleep in today. Well, somewhat… I’m not good at sleeping in lately. But at least I get to relax at home, and my allergies have been beating me down lately, so I deserve it.

And… I just got the car verdict. Good news: what IS wrong with the car is covered under warranty (I’d pretend to know what he said was wrong with it… but I have no idea. Basically, they need to replace the on board computer and I heard something about spark plugs and coils.) The bad news: my car is basically out of commission for the rest of the week. But, again.. the good news: living with my parents comes in handy, as I might be able to borrow one of their cars to get to work while I’m car-less. Yay!

See… my maintaining a positive attitude brought about good news. Okay not really, the news was going to be the same no matter what, I’m sure, but maintaining a positive attitude meant that I didn’t waste energy getting mad or frustrated about the situation for no reason. Right?

It’s like what also happened yesterday: I got home to find out that the cleaning lady unplugged the power strip, which plugs in my TV. Actually, she not only unplugged the power strip but she also managed to unplug the DVR cord from the power strip, which I didn’t discover until later in the evening, which meant House and HIMYM didn’t get recorded. But instead of getting upset… I decided to be glad that we do have a cleaning lady, who irons my shirts, and changes the sheets and all the other things I hate doing. Plus I can always watch my shows online.. maybe even today, since I can’t get to work.

Perspective, right? Or maybe it’s just the power of positive thinking. Either way, I need to keep working it… it seems to be working out for me. 🙂

Back to… black?? and being lame.

So over the weekend I went from this:

old hair(Actually, I think it was a bit lighter and more orangey in real life, red hair is hard to photograph.)

To this:

newhairHoly crap, my hair is black!

That was NOT what I was going for. My hair is naturally brown… not really dark brown, maybe mousey brown. Either way, last summer I started dyeing it red, I may have been majorly influenced by a certain redhead on Mad Men. Who has much more money than me and can afford the monthly trips to the hair salon. I enjoyed being a redhead for a while, but eventually the monthly costs, plus having it fade into an orange hue started getting on my nerves and for the last few months I thought I’d want to go back to brown. Anyway, I finally had enough and decided to go back to brown. Unfortunately for me, it ended up being black.

I know, the color will probably fade but still.. my hair looks black! I’m pretty sure I’m too pasty white to rock this look. I think this just goes to show me that I need to stick with my natural hair color. Dyeing is just not for me.

Meanwhile, Saturday night I went to a party and spent the evening curled up with this handsome man:

tongue Much cuter than any guy I’ve met lately. Plus he actually WANTS to spend time with me.

My friend brought her adorable baby and I basically played nanny and helped take care of him, which I totally loved. At one point I got called lame for not drinking… or, more likely, not being drunk like most everyone else there, but I’ve never been a big drinker. I enjoy drinking socially, maybe a glass or two, but I don’t drink to get drunk. And if being lame means getting to bottle-feed that handsome little man and snuggle with him after, then that’s totally fine by me. Hopefully I’ll get to be lame next weekend too. 🙂