More indecisiveness… plus overindulging galore!

First of all, if you’re new to me and you didn’t realize that my username was indecisiveari… allow me to point it out to you. It’s a VERY fitting name, because not only do I not like making decisions, but once I’ve made a decision I have a tendency to second-guess myself to death. Case in point – my blog title. I’ve only had it for what, a week and a half? Yeah I’m tired of it already. “New adventures”… what am I, a super hero? So I’ve been thinking about it since.. well, ever since I gave myself that blog title and have been trying to come up with a better one. And I think I’ve come up with some. Ready?

  • Running on Wishes
  • Running For My Dreams
  • Running My Dreams
  • Running to Dream

I’m obviously not creative.  I dunno, I like how running can be used two different ways – as in running, like I’ve gotten into running as my hobby, and also running as in fuel… as in, I’m fueled by my wishes, or the wishes of other people. Plus I like the word wishes, it feels optimistic. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve been reading too many running blogs lately… and anyway, this blog will never be a “running” blog.. I’m still waiting to see how long I keep up with running. But since it can mean MORE than running, I kind of think it’s okay?  Some people have been questioned the “wishes” part, we spent a while on twitter trying to brainstorm better words. And now that I think about it, should I be running ON wishes? That seems a bit sad. Dreams is a more hopeful word, running for my dreams seems more powerful but I don’t know that I have many dreams, or so it seems. That’s kinda sad now that I think about it. My main issue with running for my dreams is that it doesn’t fit on twitter… so then there’s running my dreams or running to dream, but does that even make sense?

Anyway, what do you think? If you don’t like it, help me come up with something better?

EDITED TO ADD: How about Chasing Down Hope? How does that sound? Thoughts?

Meanwhile, I was bad this weekend. Shopaholic should really be my username. You see, I went to lululemon and spent a bit more money than I should’ve. I kind of heart that store, the clothes always look so cute and fun, even though the price means I can never afford anything. For some reason that didn’t stop me yesterday and I bought this top, called the cool racerback tank, which I had been coveting online for the last few days:

photo-2 This was post-run so excuse the nastiness that is me.

Which prompted this response from my friend:

Screen shot 2011-04-24 at 3.21.03 PM Win!

I also got a black run speed skirt, which is cute because it has ruffles at the back. I can’t get the pic of the skirt ruffles to show up so you’ll have to take my word for it. I kind of love running in skirts because I tend to believe that my thighs are so big that when I run, shorts tend to bunch. Pulling my shorts down mid-run is not my idea of fun so I stick to my skirts. Call me girly, whatever.

And I was also bad, food-wise. For the last 2 months I had been keeping track of my calories, etc to try to force myself to make better eating habits. For whatever reason I got lazy the last few days, which led to me eating things like this:

bunnyLove how Bay is trying to get in on it. Ears went first, of course.

There may also have been ice cream, Chick-fil-A, lots of Mexican food… um. I apparently have no self-control after being deprived from these yummy foods for the last 3 months… it makes me want to eat everything I haven’t been able to eat all at once. Not good.

photo 1 Marble Slab speaks the truth.

Oh yeah and lastly, I have started stalking the weather forecast for my upcoming 5k (t-minus 7 days, ack!)… earlier it was saying 60% chance of rain and I was freaking out. If it rains my friends can’t come watch (4 month old baby + rain don’t mix), plus I’ve never run in the rain. I couldn’t listen to music, I couldn’t use the Nike+ to tell me how much further I have to go (since I don’t have a Garmin yet).. disaster. And then today I checked it and now it says this:

photo 2 Much better.

Here’s hoping the rain chances go down even more. I know Texas needs rain, but I’d rather it not rain on the day of my very first 5k. Please and thank you.


Disappointing news… and cuteness overload.

So I got some disappointing news the other day. Last month my favorite band Cary Brothers announced he was coming into town (with Brooke Fraser). That same day I went online and bought tickets… I have ALWAYS wanted to see him and one of the last times he came into town, I waited too long and tickets were sold out. So I bought 2 tickets and have been eagerly looking forward to June 4th… I’ve been a fan of Cary Brothers for at least 6 years I think, so I was obviously super excited for him.

Until the other day. When I read on facebook that the June tour dates have been canceled, due to scheduling conflicts. Sniffle.  How could this happen??

ticketA ticket to.. apparently nothing now. 😦

Such a bummer. I’m waiting to see if I can get my money back… according to both artists, the June dates are completely canceled but according to ticketmaster, Brooke Fraser is still playing so I can’t get a refund. Um. Y’all need to talk amongst yourselves and get back to me when I can get my money back please.

In better news… yesterday was Good Friday which meant I had the day off from work *and* I got to spend the day with this handsome man:

easterIsn’t he the cutest thing ever?

We waited in line for the Easter bunny for about 2 hours, which doesn’t feel that long when you’re with a baby that does this all the time:

smilingBlurry but when he smiles he kind of squeals and shakes his head at the same time. Melts. My. Heart.

Even when he spits up alllll down the front of your shirt, it’s all good. Oh my goodness, I don’t know how my friend does it – if he were my child, I would stare at him and play with him all day long. I wouldn’t ever clean the house or anything. As it was, I stayed with them pretty much the whole day and didn’t run like I had planned or anything… I just couldn’t leave! 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m going to 2 weddings this summer (I’ve been invited to 4 but seeing as how plane rides are required for all of them, I can only attend 2) and I’ve been keeping my eye out for something cute to wear. Enter, this dress:

whbm dressFrom White House Black Market.

What do we think? I need to go try it on but I have to wait til payday before I get too attached to it.. I like the bright colors and it seems like it would be flattering, although my legs are normal length and not as long as the model so we’ll have to see. I’m in love with it but it’s kind of pricey… but so pretty!!