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Friday Faves, take 1

So I had posted something really whiny and gloomy this morning… and then I promptly decided to take it down. I don’t want to be that person, even if I feel that way. I’m going to look for the things that make me happy. So even though I don’t feel at the top of my game, I’m gonna ignore the blues and think of all the good that exists. And, on that note and inspired by some posts I’ve seen today, here goes my first ever Friday Faves:

1. Blogs. I have spent so many hours lately reading an assortment of blogs (mainly running blogs these days, which both inspire me and make me realize how far I have to go) and I find something enjoyable in curling up with my laptop, reading about other people’s lives. It’s fascinating!

2. Sweet kiddos. My students always lift my spirits. They have such great minds, personalities and hearts, I feel lucky to be their teacher.

3. Having a running buddy. My friend just signed up for the same 5K that I signed up for and it’s nice to know that I have someone that will be right there with me, especially considering how nervous I am.

4. Amazing donors. Quite a few people have donated money to sponsor my run, I’ve currently raised $185 towards my goal. I am so very thankful to all who have donated. If you are interested in donating, there’s still time!  Click here for more information.

5. Honest people. Having my driver’s license mailed back to me pretty much restored my faith in people. It’s good to know people like that still exist.

There. Writing that list kind of lifted me up a bit. A much better way to end the work week, wouldn’t you say? 🙂