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Disappointing news… and cuteness overload.

So I got some disappointing news the other day. Last month my favorite band Cary Brothers announced he was coming into town (with Brooke Fraser). That same day I went online and bought tickets… I have ALWAYS wanted to see him and one of the last times he came into town, I waited too long and tickets were sold out. So I bought 2 tickets and have been eagerly looking forward to June 4th… I’ve been a fan of Cary Brothers for at least 6 years I think, so I was obviously super excited for him.

Until the other day. When I read on facebook that the June tour dates have been canceled, due to scheduling conflicts. Sniffle.  How could this happen??

ticketA ticket to.. apparently nothing now. 😦

Such a bummer. I’m waiting to see if I can get my money back… according to both artists, the June dates are completely canceled but according to ticketmaster, Brooke Fraser is still playing so I can’t get a refund. Um. Y’all need to talk amongst yourselves and get back to me when I can get my money back please.

In better news… yesterday was Good Friday which meant I had the day off from work *and* I got to spend the day with this handsome man:

easterIsn’t he the cutest thing ever?

We waited in line for the Easter bunny for about 2 hours, which doesn’t feel that long when you’re with a baby that does this all the time:

smilingBlurry but when he smiles he kind of squeals and shakes his head at the same time. Melts. My. Heart.

Even when he spits up alllll down the front of your shirt, it’s all good. Oh my goodness, I don’t know how my friend does it – if he were my child, I would stare at him and play with him all day long. I wouldn’t ever clean the house or anything. As it was, I stayed with them pretty much the whole day and didn’t run like I had planned or anything… I just couldn’t leave! 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m going to 2 weddings this summer (I’ve been invited to 4 but seeing as how plane rides are required for all of them, I can only attend 2) and I’ve been keeping my eye out for something cute to wear. Enter, this dress:

whbm dressFrom White House Black Market.

What do we think? I need to go try it on but I have to wait til payday before I get too attached to it.. I like the bright colors and it seems like it would be flattering, although my legs are normal length and not as long as the model so we’ll have to see. I’m in love with it but it’s kind of pricey… but so pretty!!


Local Music Scene

So I have a friend who takes photos of local bands, just as a hobby for now… and his pictures are amazing. Like, make me want to drool amazing. When I said that I was impressed that he got such great shots with his 50mm lens, since I hate my 50mm, he invited me to go with him so he could show me a thing or two.

Now I’d never tried to shoot a band before, and I’ve always had a hard time shooting in low lighting. I usually fiddle with a few settings for a while before I finally cave and end up using my flash… which rarely looks good. Plus I can never get my fiddy to behave, I usually tend to have focusing issues, I have no idea why. But all the shots below are taken with my 50mm lens, using only available light… no flash.

2The very first band, Poor Pilate. I have no idea what I’m doing. You should see the original, thanks to the red lighting they’re both pretty much glowing. Converting it to black and white helped a bit, although the guy on the right is still pretty bright.

guitar I love this shot. I’m going to go ahead and confess that I’m not 100% sure that I took this picture.. my friend borrowed my camera for a bit to try his hand at it and it’s very possible that he took this shot. He can’t remember either, but he told me to take the credit so I tentatively do. If I didn’t actually take it, I sure wish I did!

band 2-1 The second band, Jim and the Toms. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing so the focus is a bit soft on the lead singer’s face. I dig the composition though.

band 3-1The lead singer/guitarist for the third band, Springfield Riots.

keyboardbw The keyboard player for the fourth band, Roky Moon and Bolt. Aka, where I finally started getting the hang of this.

band 4-1 I really like the focus of the lead singer in the front with the backup singer/guitarist just out of focus. Face is a bit hot though, dang lighting.

band 4-2 A bit dark but I think the lighting works. Finally!

So… lessons learned:

  • Converting a poorly lit shot into black & white makes it looks amazingly better.
  • Get closer. I have a tendency to not want to get too close to my subjects but watching my friend I realized that a) they don’t care and b) you get much better shots.
  • Keep trying. I was ready to quit before the first band was over but by the end I was glad I kept going, because I think I got a few decent shots out of it.
  • Put the noise canceling ear plugs in your ears BEFORE your head starts to hurt.

And that concludes my first foray into band photography.