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Books, refunds and journals, oh my!

Oh wow. Yesterday was quite the day. One of those days when you see a bunch of these in the break room:

photo 3

and decide that instead of resisting, you’ve definitely earned two. At least. Along with some oreo cake that was particularly delicious. In my defense, those cupcakes were ridiculously small… a person shouldn’t have to eat just one.

My students are just… pretty much acting like school is over. Unfortunately for them (and me), we still have a good 4 and a half weeks left of school. And I’m apparently supposed to still be teaching them up until their graduation. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to survive.

Anyway, even though they didn’t deserve it, after work I went to buy them the latest Mo Willems book that came out yesterday. We are obsessed with Mo Willems in my classroom. Obsessed. To the point that my classroom library, which is organized by genre, has a book bucket specifically for him:

mo willems book bucketAnd yes, I did pay for every single one of those books. Plus there are more not pictured.  Now you know why I’m always broke, eh?

Oh and if you’ve never heard of Mo Willems, let me tell you, you are missing out. And even if you don’t have kids or students like I do, you should still check out his books one day… they are freaking hilarious. The pigeon series is great but our favorites are Elephant & Piggie. They have us cracking up. That said, his latest book:

hooray for amanda and her alligator

Not really his best work… it wasn’t as funny as his other books. I’m interested to see what my kids think, they have the same sense of humor as I do and at the end of each chapter I just kind of had a “huh, okay” moment, not a laugh or even really a chuckle. I think that’s how they might react too. I guess we’ll see.

Oh and remember how my Cary Brothers concert got canceled and Ticketmaster was thinking it wasn’t so they weren’t going to refund me? Yeah I got an email last night.. “We just learned that your upcoming event has been canceled…” this is what I’ve been trying to tell you! At least I get my money back….

Finally, continuing with my wannabe running status.. I bought a running journal which came in the mail yesterday:

running journal

I know I log all my miles on dailymile (add me there if you want, I love new friends) but I like having things written out, I’m visual like that. And it’s fun going back to fill in my miles from the beginning and watching how far I’ve come. Yay me! 🙂