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Race recap… 2011 5k Walk for Lupus NOW & 5k Run

So I did it, I have now run a 5k! How did it go? Did I walk? Will I do another one? Read on to find out more!

The night before I went to bed around 10:30, after laying out all my stuff out in preparation for the big day:


I was hoping to get a good night’s sleep.. unfortunately I did not. Starting past midnight I woke up every hour. I think part of it was nerves, the rest of it was it being really hot in my room, even with the 2 fans going.

After hours of that, I finally decided to get up at 6:30, about 20 minutes before my alarm. Got dressed, ate my oatmeal with raspberries and drank some water. After triple checking that I had everything, we left the house at around 7:15 and got to the aquarium (the starting point) at 7:45. We parked, wandered around the booths and found my friend/running partner. And then posed for some pictures:

P5010025Pretending we’re not nervous.

P5010030 Here goes nothing!

At around 8:20 we made our way to the starting line. There weren’t very many people *running* the course, a lot of people who were there were walking it after us. I think there was just over 200 people running it. The weather was cloudy, but windy.. and humid. Very warm and humid. At 8:30 came the gunshot… and we were off.

I had already known I would have to force myself to go slowly at the beginning and even though I thought we were pretty near the back of the pack, we apparently weren’t since we got passed a lot. What was worse was that the course started with an incline followed by the decline (we were running on a street and this was an overpass) and since it was an out and back run.. we would have to revisit that incline right at the end.

The first mile was rough, and usually the first mile flies by. I think it was just watching the other people fly past me that was frustrating.. and I wasn’t finding a good groove. Right at the first mile marker, my friend stopped to walk so I left her behind.. and I started getting a stitch in my left side. I haven’t had a stitch in a long time so I didn’t know what to do but I just tried to breathe through it and after half a mile it went away, phew.

The most disheartening moment for me came when 2 guys decided they were going to pass me by going around me, one on each side.. and then they high-fived each other right in front of me. Ugh, rude. But… at the turnaround they were walking and I passed them, wishing I had someone to high-five in front of THEM. I never saw them again so :p to those guys.

At the turnaround they had some guys waiting with cups of Vitamin Water, but I just waved them off.. I hadn’t planned on stopping. For the next mile I was mostly running by myself, there were a few people in the distance and I passed a few walkers but nothing exciting. Unfortunately for me I was now running into the wind, which was a struggle.. and the sun tried to peek through the clouds, really warming everything up.

Towards the end I wanted to stop. Really wanted to stop. But I kept telling myself that I wanted to run this thing without stopping, that if I just made it to that spot right ahead then I could walk… then when I got to that point, I would tell myself I could make it a little bit longer. Eventually I could see the ferris wheel marking where the aquarium was so I knew it was nearly over.. and then I got back to the incline near the start. It was rough hitting that right after 3 miles but as soon as I was over it, I could see the finish line. Usually the last .11 of the run is the worst but seeing a finish line motivated me to push myself and I flew towards the finish, pasting on a smile for any cameras:

P5010026 I’m so fast, I’m a blur! :p (Or my mom doesn’t know how to focus a camera.)

running ariLook… I’m actually in front of people!

P5010031It looks like I’m walking or posing. I’m really not!

My final time was… I don’t know exactly. I kind of forgot to look at the clock by the finish line. Oops. According to my iPhone app, my run was 34:35 but I know I started it before the gun went off and I stopped it after I’d already walked to my family and friends. They didn’t do chip timing on this run, they had some other way of recording it so I guess I’ll find out my time later. My dad thinks I was right at 34 minutes, which I think is decent for my first time… my secret goal was under 35 and I know I did that so I’m pretty proud.

After the run, they had bananas and bagels for us to eat, and free ice cream too (I think this made me happier than anything else). I also got a little goody bag of coupons and pamphlets and whatever.  After I finished I felt pretty good, if not hot and tired. My ankle (which was fine all morning and during the run) started hurting as soon as I stopped running but it’s feeling better now. My back started hurting when I got home, not sure what that’s about.

P5010029 Posing by the finish line.. the lady on the right in red made my day, she cheered for me right as I was about to finish.

And there you have it. My first ever “race recap”… it felt so cool doing one since I’ve really enjoyed reading other people’s recaps on their blogs. So, would I run again? I think yes. Definitely yes. There are a few 5ks coming up within the next month or so, I might sign up for one of them. While I thought it was challenging and a good chunk of the time I was questioning WHY I was running this thing, the experience was fun and I really feel like I accomplished something.. something I never thought I could or would be able to accomplish. Plus, I felt good about raising $305 towards the Lupus Foundation… yes, I surpassed my goal. 🙂

I do have to say thank you to everyone who supported me – whether you donated, wished me good luck or told me I could do it: I really appreciate all of you. Thank you so much for everything!

I do need to talk to my parents about taking more/better pictures though. I know I’m running but I’m not THAT fast so I shouldn’t be out of focus in all the pics lol!