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It’s all about perspective.

I’m learning that life can be so different, if you look at things a different way. Trying to be more zen, if you will. I’m not zen. I let everything bother me. Seriously, everything. I can hold a grudge for ages, I can grumble about something minor for hours, if not days. Definitely not zen. You know who IS zen? My bestie, mother of the cutest baby in the world:

 Granted, how can you not be zen with a baby as cute as this?

I take my zen tips from her… and tend to fail. But lately I’ve been working extra hard.

Take yesterday, for example. I was driving home from work and my car starting acting funky (shuddering when I tried to accelerate, and generally refusing to GO!). I ended up driving across town to my friend’s place (she of the cutest baby), because her fiance is a mechanic and a) he could help make sure I don’t end up paying an arm and a leg and b) I trust him.

Instead of being upset that my car is in the shop and whining about what a hassle its going to be, I’ve been looking on the brighter side. Not only did my car not die on me when I was driving on the freeway, but it also managed to make it all the way across town to my friend’s place. Plus I’m stuck missing work but since it happened yesterday afternoon, I got to call in already, emailed my sub plans and therefore, got to sleep in today. Well, somewhat… I’m not good at sleeping in lately. But at least I get to relax at home, and my allergies have been beating me down lately, so I deserve it.

And… I just got the car verdict. Good news: what IS wrong with the car is covered under warranty (I’d pretend to know what he said was wrong with it… but I have no idea. Basically, they need to replace the on board computer and I heard something about spark plugs and coils.) The bad news: my car is basically out of commission for the rest of the week. But, again.. the good news: living with my parents comes in handy, as I might be able to borrow one of their cars to get to work while I’m car-less. Yay!

See… my maintaining a positive attitude brought about good news. Okay not really, the news was going to be the same no matter what, I’m sure, but maintaining a positive attitude meant that I didn’t waste energy getting mad or frustrated about the situation for no reason. Right?

It’s like what also happened yesterday: I got home to find out that the cleaning lady unplugged the power strip, which plugs in my TV. Actually, she not only unplugged the power strip but she also managed to unplug the DVR cord from the power strip, which I didn’t discover until later in the evening, which meant House and HIMYM didn’t get recorded. But instead of getting upset… I decided to be glad that we do have a cleaning lady, who irons my shirts, and changes the sheets and all the other things I hate doing. Plus I can always watch my shows online.. maybe even today, since I can’t get to work.

Perspective, right? Or maybe it’s just the power of positive thinking. Either way, I need to keep working it… it seems to be working out for me. 🙂


Back to… black?? and being lame.

So over the weekend I went from this:

old hair(Actually, I think it was a bit lighter and more orangey in real life, red hair is hard to photograph.)

To this:

newhairHoly crap, my hair is black!

That was NOT what I was going for. My hair is naturally brown… not really dark brown, maybe mousey brown. Either way, last summer I started dyeing it red, I may have been majorly influenced by a certain redhead on Mad Men. Who has much more money than me and can afford the monthly trips to the hair salon. I enjoyed being a redhead for a while, but eventually the monthly costs, plus having it fade into an orange hue started getting on my nerves and for the last few months I thought I’d want to go back to brown. Anyway, I finally had enough and decided to go back to brown. Unfortunately for me, it ended up being black.

I know, the color will probably fade but still.. my hair looks black! I’m pretty sure I’m too pasty white to rock this look. I think this just goes to show me that I need to stick with my natural hair color. Dyeing is just not for me.

Meanwhile, Saturday night I went to a party and spent the evening curled up with this handsome man:

tongue Much cuter than any guy I’ve met lately. Plus he actually WANTS to spend time with me.

My friend brought her adorable baby and I basically played nanny and helped take care of him, which I totally loved. At one point I got called lame for not drinking… or, more likely, not being drunk like most everyone else there, but I’ve never been a big drinker. I enjoy drinking socially, maybe a glass or two, but I don’t drink to get drunk. And if being lame means getting to bottle-feed that handsome little man and snuggle with him after, then that’s totally fine by me. Hopefully I’ll get to be lame next weekend too. 🙂

This is how my brain works…

I have the most random brain in the world, I swear. I’ll be listening to my friend telling me about their weekend and suddenly something they said reminds me of something different (let’s say, a book I just read), which will remind me of something else (maybe, a new shirt I bought the other day) and then that’ll remind me of something else (um… I’m out of examples but you get my point) and I’m taking their conversation into unknown territory. It probably explains the weird looks I get when I follow up their story with one of mine. Anyway, while I was working on this blog post, it started going all over the place… so I went with it.

So the other day in class I was reading a book about giant pandas to my students. The book also mentions the lesser panda, which isn’t black and white like you’d expect. I showed my class the picture, and one of my little boys quietly says, “you have the same hair color”.

lesser panda My long lost twin? Score.

I’ve been meaning to go back to my natural brunette, this may be the push I needed to finally go for it.

Speaking of brunettes… I have to confess, I watched the Lifetime movie William and Kate. Did anyone else watch? I am now obsessed with their upcoming wedding. *hangs head in shame* Okay the movie was super cheesy and I kinda wanted to get all teary eyed at the sunset proposal scene… at the same time that I wanted to throw some cheese at the TV.

And speaking of cheese (told you, random… but do you see how the flow goes now?)… my friend picked me up for lunch yesterday for some yummy Taco Cabana. I’ve been trying to be good about what I eat lately but figured Taco C wouldn’t be TOO bad… um. Damn. Apparently cheese enchiladas and rice = 760 calories. WHAT?! They should warn you about these things! A little “if you eat this, you won’t have enough calories left to eat dinner” sign on the menu is totally necessary. It’s a good thing I didn’t eat the beans that came with it… well that and I don’t like refried beans.

As if that weren’t bad enough, my mom went to La Madeleine yesterday and brought me back.. a chocolate croissant! Um, yum! I have fantastic memories of chocolate croissants… I remember being in England one summer when I was younger and eating one every morning with my Orangina. Oh yeah, I was totally a healthy child. I’m surprised my parents let me get away with that, now that I think about it..

choc croissantNot a great shot but… well, it was begging to be eaten.

There may also have been an apple turnover the size of my head that I only intended to have a small bite of.. and that has curiously gone missing. No comment.

I totally would have run all that food off but yesterday was my rest day. Plus my ankle and knee were a bit sore from Monday’s run (a full 5k in 34 minutes… yay me?) so I’ve been trying to keep off my leg, have it elevated, etc. Today is my final day of C25K and I’m hoping to run it without any problems… It’s feeling better now, thankfully.

Oh and finally… I’ve become blog obsessed. Seriously. I love blogrolls (which reminds me, I need to beef mine up) because I hop from blog to blog and add them all to my google reader. I’m still looking for more so if you have a blog I haven’t heard of, let me know! And if you arrived on my blog because I left a comment on your blog… hi. I’m usually normal. Won’t you stick around? 🙂

Okay I think I’m done rambling. Hope you were able to follow all that. If you were, I’m totally impressed.