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Adventures in cooking and… I signed up for what??

Ah cooking. I hate cooking. Odd because sometimes I think I’d like to take cooking lessons. I enjoy eating food, I just don’t enjoy cooking food… it gets in the way of blog commenting/watching tv/reading/generally wasting time. When I moved back in with the parents, they told me I had to cook once a week. That’s not too bad, I get home cooked meals every other day. Only thing is, I don’t cook. Like, really.

Luckily my mom has this book, which I rely on almost every single week:

photo 4¬†365 recipes and I think I’ve tried maybe 5.. in the course of almost 2 years.

I try to find recipes where I get to put the chicken (it’s pretty much always chicken) in the oven because it kind of makes me feel secure in knowing that the chicken will get cooked all the way through. Plus I get to ignore it for a while. I stretch out on the stairs, because if I go up to my room I’m afraid the house will somehow get set on fire and that would suck. Plus my ankle has been hurting so elevating my ankle (sporting my new ankle brace, which helps and then sometimes hurts at the same time) is supposed to be good:

photo 1Be thankful I chopped off my toes. I need a pedicure. Also, I need someone to start paying for me to get pedicures.

Anyway, I tend to lie there on the stairs while my food is cooking… on my iPhone I catch up on twitter or facebook and generally relax. While my cat looks at me like I’m a freak:

photo 2She may have a point.

And then the end result. My food always looks exactly the same every time:

dinner april 27My mom added the lime. Obviously that would’ve never occurred to me.

Some form of chicken. Rice. Corn. Tastes good but not very original. My dad says “you need to learn to cook more than just chicken and rice”. My response? “You need to learn to eat pasta.” I can cook pasta with chicken. Or pasta with sausage. Or pasta with… butter. Hmm. I may need some new recipes. *Easy*¬†recipes. As in, done in under 45 minutes and no crazy ingredients. Do you have any you want to share? No seafood, I don’t do seafood.

Meanwhile, I found this article about speed dating today… fitting, as next week I’m scheduled to go speed dating for the first time ever. I’m not entirely sure why I agreed to go… I think it was the combination of a groupon (which meant swagbucks!) combined with being tired of hearing everyone talk about their husbands while I’ve been single for far too long… it pushed me over the edge. I’m terrified of speed dating though. Even the article didn’t end on a high note. Why did I ever sign up for this? Have you or someone you’ve known gone speed dating before? Tell me a reassuring story please… make me feel better?