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Flowers and card

This week my work celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week (yes, a week later than everyone else). I couldn’t resist taking my camera (with my macro lens, of course) and snapping a few shots.. especially since flowers are my favorite thing to shoot.

bright flowers

I’ll be the first to say that it’s not about the presents. In fact, in the 2 schools I used to teach at before this one, Teacher Appreciation Week wasn’t something parents even knew about. Actually, even the schools wouldn’t really do much for the teachers.

flower card 1

And if you’re going into teaching for the presents, I’ll say.. you’re going in it for the wrong reasons. Teaching isn’t about that. In fact, teaching is about so much MORE. Watching the kids as they read their first full book, as their write their first sentence. Helping the kids when they struggle with something and sharing in their joy when they finally master it. Creating a strong foundation for them, so that not only do they LOVE going to school… they excel at it.

flower card 2

While I appreciated everything I received, I have to admit that what I loved best were the hugs. The big pile everyone in/knock the teacher over 15 students deep hugs. The “you’re the best teacher ever!” comments. All the little cards my students made me on their own, without being prompted. The parents asking if I plan on moving up to first grade so that they can keep me as their teacher. That’s why I do this job. That’s how I feel appreciated.


But pretty pink flowers are definitely always welcome. 🙂


This is how my brain works…

I have the most random brain in the world, I swear. I’ll be listening to my friend telling me about their weekend and suddenly something they said reminds me of something different (let’s say, a book I just read), which will remind me of something else (maybe, a new shirt I bought the other day) and then that’ll remind me of something else (um… I’m out of examples but you get my point) and I’m taking their conversation into unknown territory. It probably explains the weird looks I get when I follow up their story with one of mine. Anyway, while I was working on this blog post, it started going all over the place… so I went with it.

So the other day in class I was reading a book about giant pandas to my students. The book also mentions the lesser panda, which isn’t black and white like you’d expect. I showed my class the picture, and one of my little boys quietly says, “you have the same hair color”.

lesser panda My long lost twin? Score.

I’ve been meaning to go back to my natural brunette, this may be the push I needed to finally go for it.

Speaking of brunettes… I have to confess, I watched the Lifetime movie William and Kate. Did anyone else watch? I am now obsessed with their upcoming wedding. *hangs head in shame* Okay the movie was super cheesy and I kinda wanted to get all teary eyed at the sunset proposal scene… at the same time that I wanted to throw some cheese at the TV.

And speaking of cheese (told you, random… but do you see how the flow goes now?)… my friend picked me up for lunch yesterday for some yummy Taco Cabana. I’ve been trying to be good about what I eat lately but figured Taco C wouldn’t be TOO bad… um. Damn. Apparently cheese enchiladas and rice = 760 calories. WHAT?! They should warn you about these things! A little “if you eat this, you won’t have enough calories left to eat dinner” sign on the menu is totally necessary. It’s a good thing I didn’t eat the beans that came with it… well that and I don’t like refried beans.

As if that weren’t bad enough, my mom went to La Madeleine yesterday and brought me back.. a chocolate croissant! Um, yum! I have fantastic memories of chocolate croissants… I remember being in England one summer when I was younger and eating one every morning with my Orangina. Oh yeah, I was totally a healthy child. I’m surprised my parents let me get away with that, now that I think about it..

choc croissantNot a great shot but… well, it was begging to be eaten.

There may also have been an apple turnover the size of my head that I only intended to have a small bite of.. and that has curiously gone missing. No comment.

I totally would have run all that food off but yesterday was my rest day. Plus my ankle and knee were a bit sore from Monday’s run (a full 5k in 34 minutes… yay me?) so I’ve been trying to keep off my leg, have it elevated, etc. Today is my final day of C25K and I’m hoping to run it without any problems… It’s feeling better now, thankfully.

Oh and finally… I’ve become blog obsessed. Seriously. I love blogrolls (which reminds me, I need to beef mine up) because I hop from blog to blog and add them all to my google reader. I’m still looking for more so if you have a blog I haven’t heard of, let me know! And if you arrived on my blog because I left a comment on your blog… hi. I’m usually normal. Won’t you stick around? 🙂

Okay I think I’m done rambling. Hope you were able to follow all that. If you were, I’m totally impressed.

Another satisfied customer…

One of the fun things about being a teacher is the way the students think you’re the best, and continually tell you so – in words and in writing. Around April the kids start realizing that soon you won’t be their teacher anymore and suddenly they can’t tell you enough. In kindergarten it’s funny because the kids are like “you’re my favorite teacher EVER” and I always think, “and you’ve had HOW many teachers in your short little life?” 🙂 But I enjoy receiving my little “love notes”, as I call them, and always tell the kids how much I appreciate them. Unfortunately if I were to save every one, they’d fill up a closet, especially this year as I have a student who was bringing me about 10 pages a day for a while.

And then there are the ones that make you smile so dang much that you can’t resist showing them off:

letter 001In case you can’t read that, it says: Dear Ms. H, you are my favorite teacher, you are nice and kind most of all you are generous. I know that you have worked very very very very very hard teaching all of us and me so here is my present to you: it’s a surprise!

letter 003And here’s a close up of her present, which she had wrapped up and attached to the front of the card. It’s a little coin that on the other side has a teacher’s prayer. I’m a sucker for all things teacher so it totally made me smile.

Aw shucks. It’s the little things, ya know? 🙂