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(Semi) Wordless Wednesday: Things that make me smile edition.

stickerLife is good sticker. Cuz it is.

mayflower1 Flowers in (almost) full bloom… and my macro lens always = love.

white More flowers.

purpleGet the point yet?

shoes Rediscovering old shoes. Although these ones give me blisters, I think they’re so purty.

cat And my cat, Bay.. of course.

cat2What’s making you smile today?


Happy birthday Bay…

My cat, Bay, turns 7 years old this month. I don’t know her exact age.. when I got her she was about 18 weeks old (although originally when I got her I was told she was only 8 weeks old and a BOY, wow was I misled) so her birthday is somewhere around here.

Growing up, I was always a cat person… without a cat. My mother claimed to be allergic, my dad considered them “useless”… I wasn’t able to finally get one until graduating from college and moving into my own apartment. Which didn’t allow kittens. But from the moment I saw this little one, I couldn’t resist and took her home. She is the kind of cat that I have always wanted, cuddly but not clingy.. sweet but sometimes shy. Oh and now that we live with my parents, she has them wrapped around her paw. Seriously, my dad says hi to the cat when he gets home from work before he says hi to my mom.

As I type this, she just attacked and killed a bug that found it’s way inside the house. Such a good girl. 🙂

Anyway, I’m feeling a little sentimental so I hope you’ll excuse my little “love letter” to my cat…

Dear Bay,

IMG_0435When I got you, your ears were too large for your body (very much like the Skippyjon Jones books my students love)…

But I always thought you were beautiful.

IMG_0674You put up with me torturing you…

Picture 043But you still have a feisty side.

IMG_3350I never expected a cat could be so sweet and loving.

032210And now you have grown into a beautiful “lady”. 

Happy birthday boo. Here’s to many, many more birthdays together.