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An accidental date.

I tend to find myself on dates without realizing that I’m actually on one. Sounds bizarre but it seriously happens to me.. not often because I don’t meet guys all that often, but when I DO meet a guy to hang out with, I think we’re just going to grab a bite or a drink… nothing serious. For some reason I never think about it much more than that. And then it gets referred to as a date. Case in point, last night with fun accent guy from speed dating.

If you recall, I thought fun accent guy was… well, obviously fun. And I love accents. But I kind of thought he wasn’t my type and not someone I wanted to date.. so when he suggested we “get together” for drinks (and he never referred to it as a date, in fact he almost made a conscious effort not to refer it as such), I said sure. I figured I’d go into it with an open mind, but completely under the impression that we were just meeting up, and that’s that.

Yeah I was wrong. While we were out he referred to it as a date quite a few times.. and I guess if it WAS a date, as far as dates go… it wasn’t bad. I definitely had fun and he’s an interesting guy, and we share a few things in common. I mean, I don’t know… I assume that’s what a good date should be like, I haven’t been on that many dates. I tend to do the “start out as friends… oh we’re dating now” route.

Either way, by the end of last night I was pretty convinced that I don’t see myself dating this guy. Not that it’s anything to do with him, he’s a great guy… but just not my type, as I had previously thought. And I would totally say “maybe we could be friends” but I’m tired of the trend where I end up dating someone I’m not completely into, which is what usually happens. The next guy I date (minus accidental dates, of course), I want to be crazy about. Crazy in a good way, of course.

I’m just hoping I don’t end up being the perpetually single, crazy cat lady. :p


Speed dating update…

So when we last left the speed dating story, I had just gotten done telling you what an experience it had been. That’s the word people use when they’re not thrilled with something and yet they’re trying to be politically correct/polite… it was an “experience”.

Anyway, the day after the speed dating event (last Thursday), I got an email saying that I was able to go online and enter/check my matches for the event. Basically, all the guys are listed there and as soon as you select one, you can instantly see if they have selected you back. If you’ve both selected each other, your full name and email address is revealed. Magic.

yes no

So of course, I refused to go online. I didn’t want to be that super needy person who instantly logged on to enter her picks and obsessively check her matches. I decided I would wait until Saturday morning, as the deadline was Tuesday.

I lasted until Friday night. Oops. Anyway, I decided on 4 guys I wanted to match up with:

  • Super cute guy.
  • Slightly cute, not sure if we really connected guy.
  • Fun accent guy*.
  • Similar profession guy*.

*The last 2 guys I didn’t consider people that I wanted to date, they are just guys that I’d like to hang out with as friends.

Anyway, Friday night I entered my picks.. and got three matches. Unfortunately super cute guy did not pick me back and has yet to do so, but my 2 potential new friends did… and so did slightly cute guy. Interesting. The next day I got emails from slightly cute guy and similar profession guy (who seems to be more interested in dating me than I am in dating him).. and I’m so very meh about them. I emailed them back Sunday before my run… and got emails back before my run was even over. Um, and I totally just realized that I have yet to reply back to them. Oops.

So I think that’s the end of that chapter. While I’m definitely bummed that super cute guy (did I mention he was a DOCTOR too?!) never picked me back, I guess it was good that I went and did something out of my comfort zone.. and met some cool people while I was at it. I don’t know if I would do it again… I’m still hoping Mr. Right will basically just trip into me or something and maybe that’s my problem. Even though I’ve been single for quite a while, I’m not willing to put myself out there that much. I mean, I don’t think it’s a PROBLEM… I’m content with how things are right now. I would like a guy to come into my life some time but I think I just believe it’ll happen when it’s meant to be.

I hope so anyway.

A night of speed dating…

So they say (whoever they are anyway) that you should do something that scares you every day. I don’t know about doing something every day, but within the last week I have now done 2 things that scared me: #1 being the 5k and #2 being… speed dating.

For those of you who don’t know, speed dating is like a series of first dates, one right after the other. In my case there were 13 women and 13 men, and you got 6 minutes per date. After 6 minutes (or so, I swear sometimes they would make it go longer) the coordinators would come around and tell the guy to move to the next girl (the girls never moved.. and there was no bell like I think there should’ve been at times).  As the night goes on you kind of take notes on each guy, and then within the next few days you get to pick some guys that you’re interested in getting to know (aka, want to be “matched” to). If someone picks you too, then email addresses will be handed out and the rest is up to you.

I’ll admit… last night I sat in the car for about 15 minutes, debating on if I wanted to go in and go through with this. I was tired, I just wanted to go home, and I was convinced that every guy in there would not be worth my time. But I dragged myself in, preparing for the worst. And you know… I was actually surprised.

To be honest though, I can’t tell you how it went because… I don’t know. I won’t know for another few days who decided to pick me back. And that’s the disheartening part, isn’t it.. no matter how much I liked a guy or how well I thought I got along with someone, if they don’t pick me… I may never see them again. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I didn’t get to stake out my female competition (I wound up in a room kind of away from everyone else) so I don’t know how it’s going to work out. I will say that there was 1 guy that I was very interested in, and 1 guy I was pretty interested in.. a few maybes… and quite a lot of no’s.

I think the worst part was being stuck on a “date” with someone I knew I wasn’t interested in. And there were a few of those. And I’m not even taking about appearance, it was the whole package: appearance, personality.. everything put together was just miserable and those 6 minutes realllly dragged on. There was one guy from a foreign country that I could barely understand (but was apparently waiting to meet me all night), one guy that seemed really full of himself (but it turns out he was just high), one guy that was pretty much a professional speed dater (and didn’t seem to be having much luck with it) and one guy that made me feel like I was being interviewed, as all he did was ask question after question.

One of the coordinators came over to me about halfway through and said I looked tense. That’s probably not good.

It wasn’t all bad though. One guy and I spent part of our time talking about books, after realizing that he was reading a book that I had recently finished.  Super cute guy and I spent time talking about my alma mater, since he had connections there. It was kind of fun to learn about people and pick up on common interests: I got to talk with people about running, traveling, and so on.

And.. it also seems like I made some friends. While I was waiting for the night to begin at the bar (which was the mingling portion, before the speed dates began), I started talking to some girls that were near me, in an attempt to get a creepy guy to quit talking to me. After the event was over, they and a few of the guys (that I had considered cool, although not necessarily a match) were hanging around and we spent a good hour just laughing about the night.

So all in all it was pretty good. If I don’t get any matches, I might cry and since I won’t know anything for a few days I will hold off on giving a definitive judgement on speed dating. But I will say it was an interesting experience and I’m kind of glad I went. Would I do it again? I’m not sure… it did give me the opportunity to meet people who I wouldn’t have otherwise met (which seems to be my problem, I don’t go out and meet people), but at times it felt a bit stressful and it got tiring answering the same questions and being stuck in dead-end conversations with people I wasn’t interested in. So the answer is.. I don’t know. I wouldn’t say never again, but maybe it would help if I had someone to go with. Or if I get some form of match out of this one.

Now cross your fingers that super cute guy picks me too.

Adventures in cooking and… I signed up for what??

Ah cooking. I hate cooking. Odd because sometimes I think I’d like to take cooking lessons. I enjoy eating food, I just don’t enjoy cooking food… it gets in the way of blog commenting/watching tv/reading/generally wasting time. When I moved back in with the parents, they told me I had to cook once a week. That’s not too bad, I get home cooked meals every other day. Only thing is, I don’t cook. Like, really.

Luckily my mom has this book, which I rely on almost every single week:

photo 4 365 recipes and I think I’ve tried maybe 5.. in the course of almost 2 years.

I try to find recipes where I get to put the chicken (it’s pretty much always chicken) in the oven because it kind of makes me feel secure in knowing that the chicken will get cooked all the way through. Plus I get to ignore it for a while. I stretch out on the stairs, because if I go up to my room I’m afraid the house will somehow get set on fire and that would suck. Plus my ankle has been hurting so elevating my ankle (sporting my new ankle brace, which helps and then sometimes hurts at the same time) is supposed to be good:

photo 1Be thankful I chopped off my toes. I need a pedicure. Also, I need someone to start paying for me to get pedicures.

Anyway, I tend to lie there on the stairs while my food is cooking… on my iPhone I catch up on twitter or facebook and generally relax. While my cat looks at me like I’m a freak:

photo 2She may have a point.

And then the end result. My food always looks exactly the same every time:

dinner april 27My mom added the lime. Obviously that would’ve never occurred to me.

Some form of chicken. Rice. Corn. Tastes good but not very original. My dad says “you need to learn to cook more than just chicken and rice”. My response? “You need to learn to eat pasta.” I can cook pasta with chicken. Or pasta with sausage. Or pasta with… butter. Hmm. I may need some new recipes. *Easy* recipes. As in, done in under 45 minutes and no crazy ingredients. Do you have any you want to share? No seafood, I don’t do seafood.

Meanwhile, I found this article about speed dating today… fitting, as next week I’m scheduled to go speed dating for the first time ever. I’m not entirely sure why I agreed to go… I think it was the combination of a groupon (which meant swagbucks!) combined with being tired of hearing everyone talk about their husbands while I’ve been single for far too long… it pushed me over the edge. I’m terrified of speed dating though. Even the article didn’t end on a high note. Why did I ever sign up for this? Have you or someone you’ve known gone speed dating before? Tell me a reassuring story please… make me feel better?