(Semi) Wordless Wednesday: Sweet indulgences edition.

Here’s another “things that make me happy” post, also known as: things that I don’t need but totally bought. And may have devoured. Okay not everything in this post is edible…

magnum I kept hearing about how delicious this ice cream is, I couldn’t resist trying some. Mmmm…

fingers Oh hello deliciousness. I have a weakness for British chocolates, and these are one of my favorites. When I found them at Walgreens, I couldn’t resist.

fingers close up If you’ve never heard of them, basically they are chocolate biscuits that taste like heaven. Seriously.

tres leches The biggest piece of tres leches in the world. Aka dessert from dinner last night for my friend’s birthday. And no, I didn’t eat the whole thing. Nor did I try. (I was already full from all that chocolate!)

laugh notes Not food but they make me smile… Plus they were pretty pricey (the book was $8, which, sadly, I consider pricey this far away from payday) and therefore, kind of an indulgence.

morning people See? Pretty sweet… 🙂



Flowers and card

This week my work celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week (yes, a week later than everyone else). I couldn’t resist taking my camera (with my macro lens, of course) and snapping a few shots.. especially since flowers are my favorite thing to shoot.

bright flowers

I’ll be the first to say that it’s not about the presents. In fact, in the 2 schools I used to teach at before this one, Teacher Appreciation Week wasn’t something parents even knew about. Actually, even the schools wouldn’t really do much for the teachers.

flower card 1

And if you’re going into teaching for the presents, I’ll say.. you’re going in it for the wrong reasons. Teaching isn’t about that. In fact, teaching is about so much MORE. Watching the kids as they read their first full book, as their write their first sentence. Helping the kids when they struggle with something and sharing in their joy when they finally master it. Creating a strong foundation for them, so that not only do they LOVE going to school… they excel at it.

flower card 2

While I appreciated everything I received, I have to admit that what I loved best were the hugs. The big pile everyone in/knock the teacher over 15 students deep hugs. The “you’re the best teacher ever!” comments. All the little cards my students made me on their own, without being prompted. The parents asking if I plan on moving up to first grade so that they can keep me as their teacher. That’s why I do this job. That’s how I feel appreciated.


But pretty pink flowers are definitely always welcome. 🙂

(Semi) Wordless Wednesday: Things that make me smile edition.

stickerLife is good sticker. Cuz it is.

mayflower1 Flowers in (almost) full bloom… and my macro lens always = love.

white More flowers.

purpleGet the point yet?

shoes Rediscovering old shoes. Although these ones give me blisters, I think they’re so purty.

cat And my cat, Bay.. of course.

cat2What’s making you smile today?

Wordless Wednesday: belated Earth Day edition

Took these on Earth Day, finally getting a chance to post them. 🙂




Local Music Scene

So I have a friend who takes photos of local bands, just as a hobby for now… and his pictures are amazing. Like, make me want to drool amazing. When I said that I was impressed that he got such great shots with his 50mm lens, since I hate my 50mm, he invited me to go with him so he could show me a thing or two.

Now I’d never tried to shoot a band before, and I’ve always had a hard time shooting in low lighting. I usually fiddle with a few settings for a while before I finally cave and end up using my flash… which rarely looks good. Plus I can never get my fiddy to behave, I usually tend to have focusing issues, I have no idea why. But all the shots below are taken with my 50mm lens, using only available light… no flash.

2The very first band, Poor Pilate. I have no idea what I’m doing. You should see the original, thanks to the red lighting they’re both pretty much glowing. Converting it to black and white helped a bit, although the guy on the right is still pretty bright.

guitar I love this shot. I’m going to go ahead and confess that I’m not 100% sure that I took this picture.. my friend borrowed my camera for a bit to try his hand at it and it’s very possible that he took this shot. He can’t remember either, but he told me to take the credit so I tentatively do. If I didn’t actually take it, I sure wish I did!

band 2-1 The second band, Jim and the Toms. I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing so the focus is a bit soft on the lead singer’s face. I dig the composition though.

band 3-1The lead singer/guitarist for the third band, Springfield Riots.

keyboardbw The keyboard player for the fourth band, Roky Moon and Bolt. Aka, where I finally started getting the hang of this.

band 4-1 I really like the focus of the lead singer in the front with the backup singer/guitarist just out of focus. Face is a bit hot though, dang lighting.

band 4-2 A bit dark but I think the lighting works. Finally!

So… lessons learned:

  • Converting a poorly lit shot into black & white makes it looks amazingly better.
  • Get closer. I have a tendency to not want to get too close to my subjects but watching my friend I realized that a) they don’t care and b) you get much better shots.
  • Keep trying. I was ready to quit before the first band was over but by the end I was glad I kept going, because I think I got a few decent shots out of it.
  • Put the noise canceling ear plugs in your ears BEFORE your head starts to hurt.

And that concludes my first foray into band photography.

Weekend randomness…

The highlight of my weekend (which went by way too fast, what’s up with that anyway?) is that yesterday I managed to run a full 3.02 miles. Once again, the farthest I’ve ever run but also it makes me feel a little bit better about signing up for a 5K. I am pretty confident that within the next 13 days (ack!) I can add an extra .08 of a mile to my runs and therefore finish when the day comes. I hope. Let’s not talk about how LONG it took to run that far, but it doesn’t even really matter I guess. My first goal is distance. Time will come eventually, I think.

This weekend I also bought the magazine Runner’s World for the first time. I felt like such a poser. Wait, is it spelled poseur now?

photo 2 One day I’m gonna look like Kara Goucher. Not really.

I also went into Academy to see if they had any cute workout clothes that I needed (thankfully for my wallet, they did not) and found an mp3-compatible top. Um, what? Yeah it was all normal until I turned it to the other side and found this:

photo 1 A friend said it looked like something.. well not suitable for this blog. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

So you slip in your iPod nano and run with it? I feel like I’d end up with my nano beating up my back while I run. That would be less than fun. Besides, nanos are so… a few years ago. I ended up giving my hot pink one away to someone in need (although sometimes I kinda want it back because it was so cute). If I ever have money (and this would have to be AFTER buying my Garmin, siiiigh so basically I’ll never have money), I’m snagging one of these:
sony w Hello awesomeness. Also know as the Sony W-Series Walkman MP3 Player. Drool.

And finally, there are pretty blooms everywhere. This isn’t really new, it’s been spring since February here in Texas, but I still love looking at flowers. Especially when it’s at a random location, like walking into Target.

photo 1 At first I thought it was a magnolia tree but now I’m not so sure.

photo 2 This flower looks a bit sad what with the brown edges. Aw.

And that was my weekend. So how was yours? 🙂

Photography reflections…

Okay first of all, I finally filled out the About section of my blog, you should check it out. 🙂

Continuing with the theme of looking back, it hit me that I missed taking pictures. I feel like ever since failing project 365 for the second time and downsizing to a purse too small to hold my dslr (though my shoulders thank me), my camera has been unloved. Then this year I thought maybe a project 52 would be possible… I lasted 6 weeks:


010811 hurly burly

012211 softened

013011 lighter

frozen rose

020911(Again, I miss my old blog, where I had a theme that allowed for much larger pictures. Sigh.)

See.. those shots remind me why I take pictures. I’m hoping that having a new place to upload pictures, now that flickr and I have fallen out of love, with help inspire me to take more pictures. Here’s hoping…